It was news of the breakup of Heroic Nonsense that prompted me to suggest, inebriated and half-serious at a party at Steve Potter’s house, that No Consensus ask Jon Grim to join. It ended up being one of No Consensus’s best ideas.

Heroic Nonsense grew out of the comical pop-punk duo The Showgirls, which consisted of Jon Grim and drummer Derek DeVries, after taking on Jason Nelson on bass and a more adventurous, emo-flavored sound. These files are their first, rough 4-track demo, and a live recordings from the F.O.E. Hall in Waterloo, and the Malek Theater show in Independence. Heroic Nonsense went on to release the cassette EP The Rape Utic on a label started by prominent punk/ska all-ages show promoter, former Angry Cops bassist Rob Jenson. No one knows if Rob’s label ever put out anything else. While it’s not a Ragman release, I am considering digitizing The Rape Utic and posting it anyway; however I’d want to include the cover art if I did, and right now my scanner is performing well below ideally. After the breakup of Heroic Nonsense, Derek and Jason continued as the duo The Halfway Situation, who were also quite excellent. (46.7 Mb) (81.7 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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