The second reunion of classic punk band Flipper, and the release of two new albums (one studio, one live), along with all the requisite questioning of their motives for reforming, got me thinking. The studio album borne of their first reunion, American Grafishy, might be getting a bad rap. The music-snob consensus seems to be that it’s pretty worthless, but I remember liking it in its day – but then again I was just a high school kid who liked anything loud, distorted, and dissonant.

At the very least I think that while a good portion of the rest of the album gets a bit dull, the opening track “Someday,” a harrowing examination of loneliness and addiction and perhaps one of their most brutally honest statements, stands up well next to the best material from the band’s original incarnation. I hope they’ve kept it in the live set.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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