Back in the old hometown yesterday to tend to my house and visit some folks, and happened to spend a little time at the annual My Waterloo Days festival, featuring a concert by Great White. Putting aside the “Waterloo: Where It’s Still 1988” aspect of that particular choice, I have to share an interesting observation about the beer tent, located a short distance from the stage. A single $3 beer ticket gets you one of those 16-oz plastic cups of beer they always sell at these things, but get this: the selection of beers included Blue Moon, Boulevard, Fat Tire and Sam Adams. WTF? When did this start happening? Up through just as recently as last year about all you could get at these things was Bud Light and Miller Lite, and now all of a sudden, for three lousy bucks, you can get a cup of Fat Tire, which only a few months ago bars were selling for like $6.50 a bottle. Damn. How the hell did that happen? Recession my ass!

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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