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Two early Page 5 Girl cassettes each consisting mainly of a live recording. The Night of Psycho E chronicles the first Page 5 Girl live show, in the basement of Tyler Crew’s mom’s house, with Switchstance. Steve plays some bass along with vocals here, and is backed up by Tyler Crew and Caruso, who were also in Switchstance. This makes for interesting, stripped-down, two-bass/no-guitar arrangements, but was also the first that Switchstance frontman Eric Sterrett had heard of Tyler and Caruso’s little side project, flying into a jealous rage over Steve’s usurping of his rhythm section, giving this tape its title. Having only four songs worked up, they played them twice. The original cassette also ended with What If The Man? performing “Stone Cold Loaded” (their only live performance ever), but that is omitted here by some silly arbitrary decision of mine years ago. It should be found with Avocado as a bonus track.

The majority of House Of Fat Ladies is a rather raw early performance by the well-known Potter/Caruso/Peck/Hoffman lineup at a house party in the basement of the house where my friend Jon Simmons had previously lived with his mom. Who lived there when this party was put on I don’t know. An early Rob Jenson band, Showgirls, also performed at this party, and the show was promoted largely through phone calls, causing some parents to become upset over answering messages which they thought were inviting their kids to come watch dirty movies.

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Charlie Schiz
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