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In a way, it’s kind of a shame that this Ragman classic didn’t get posted here earlier, but then again it would have been equally a shame to have used up all the good material early on and be coasting on oddities and goof-offs now. This is where things really started to get pseudo-serious. An extensive full-color insert, printed front and back, custom-made stick-on labels on the cassettes, lots of copies home-dubbed up front.

Some No Consensus fans still consider this our best album; it’s hard to say for sure since it’s hard to even compare one No Consensus album with another, and here in particular, the songs are all over the map – genre goofs are still a big part of the mix, whether it’s punk rock (“Society Sux, “Bunk”), power ballads (“Johnny”), or goth (“Ben’s Touch”), but there are a number of interesting, more sincerely undertaken stylistic diversions of our own – simple folky tales (“Eric”) to Sonic Youth-esque noise freakouts (“Pretty, She Said”) and so many interesting points in between that you almost have to hear it to believe it. This was a young band going through a sudden creative explosion, and less than fully concerned with whether anyone was taking notice because we seriously felt like it would never end. Arguably, it never did, right up to the band’s demise, but after the uncertain first steps of Telepathic Etiquette, this was the initial burst. And in this case, two previously unreleased extra tracks.

By the way, the sooner someone loans me a copy of the (amazing) cover-insert from Sun Shines Like Tomorrow, the sooner that excellent follow-up (and a ton of sweet bonus tracks besides) gets posted here. So if you have one, comment here and give me you email address.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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