So I’m playing in Why Make Clocks these days, and come to find out that the drummer, Will Tarbox, was one of Exit Drills’ few “fans” in Des Moines, where we played two, maybe three times – both times at a little DIY venue called The Fallout Shelter, and once of which was set up by the band he was in at the time, Mondo Cane. I remember that show having something like 14 bands crammed onto it and Mondo Kani was the only one I really liked.

So anyway, here is most of my stash of Exit Drills live recordings. Missing from this is E.D.I.T.H.’s first show, which was at Stebs with Luxt, but I do have that – just need to transfer some of it from cassette yet.

By the way, I’m in search of anyone who still has a copy of the “Broke-Ass Demo 2002” CD-R – the one that has the same picture on the cover as Flight Attendants “Nightmares.” If you have even just mp3s of this, get in touch with me, because there are tracks on it that I simply don’t have anymore. (19 Mb) (27 Mb) (50 Mb) (22 Mb) (20 Mb) (20 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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