I was at practice with WMC again Saturday, with plans to get a new band photo done that afternoon, when I got a distressed phone call from Leah, who was up in Waterloo/Cedar Falls to go to a baby shower and was out to lunch with some friends of ours beforehand. Short version of the story: while being breast-fed, Wesley somehow asphyxiated, and his breathing and heart completely stopped. If not for two nurses who happened to be at the restaurant that gave him CPR, he would be a goner. Leah called me as the ambulance was taking him to the hospital. Dan offered to drive me up to Waterloo so that Leah and I could ride together whenever we were able to come back down. That was super nice of him to do, and despite the dire circumstances we had kind of a fun car ride together. When we arrived at Covenant Hospital, Steve, Laura, and Catherine had come there too, and Wesley had recovered and was charming everybody around. Doctors wouldn’t believe their account of the incident, saying that had things happened as claimed, he could not possibly be in as good a condition as he was. After contacting the nurses from the restaurant, however, they changed their tune and took it seriously. Wesley had to stay at Covenant that night and again last night. Meanwhile, lots of family and friends came there to visit. The pediatrics nursing staff at Covenant were probably surprised to have such a popular kid around. Made it back home today around 2:30 just in time to clean the house up a bit before picking up Leah’s mom from the airport. She’s visiting staying with us for a couple weeks. Wesley is doing great, as if nothing happened.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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