Thursday night was my debut as bassist of Why Make Clocks. The original plan was for me to just go to the the show and hang out, and then we figured out that I could get my first practice in with Will (the drummer) involved since they were planning to run through the set beforehand. So I went down to Dan’s house, practice happened, it sounded pretty damn good, and we headed over to Vaudeville Mews figuring that we’d have me wait until the 18th so we could get it a little tighter. But I had brought my amp in the car just in case.

I was surprised to see my old Cactus Rats bandmate Jason Lippard in the place, and even more surprised to find out he was there to play. The first act on was Dot Coma, which was one affable fellow noodling around with a big keyboard and effects pedals and a looper – which, at points, was actually considerably more entertaining than that sounds. I liked him. We could put together a guy-with-keyboard-and-loops-themed show with him, Imaginary Enemies, and I’m sure we could come up with a couple more good ones.

Jason’s band was on next, which was Arise, Devilfish. Depending on how you look at it, they’re either kind of amateurish, or appealingly folky and outsider. I’m not sure which yet. Somewhere during the set, Kim told Dan that she’d heard us practicing earlier and it was her considered opinion that I should play the set. I, of course, was up for it, as I had told Dan earlier: “might be crazy, but crazy is kind of what I do.”

And so it was on. Went over insanely well, too. Of course, I know all the parts I fucked up, and there were plenty. But it didn’t matter, and on the 18th it will be even better.

It’s True headlined. Holy crap, dude. The first thing I heard out of them was this long, beautiful wordless melody rendered in flawless four-part harmony. Shit these guys are good.

On my way to Iowa City recently to pick up Samuel Locke-Ward and his wife/collaborator Grace to start their most recent tour, I gave a listen to the CD that The Reddmen gave me at my last show. As you may recall, I missed their set and all I remembered about them was that I had listened to them on MySpace once and didn’t dig it. Turns out the CD is way better than I expected. Dangerously close to the Outlook! kind of (power-)pop-punk, but with the pop side being a bit more Sloan and the punk side being a bit more Selby Tigers, with a GBV lo-fi sound. Worth a checking-out. Incidentally on the second leg of the drive, from Iowa City to Mason City, we listened to Sleep’s Dopesmoker. Not sure if it’s a good driving record. Been listening to it at work a lot though, it’s great for when I need to zone out and get a bunch of shit done. Programming is a weird kind of job, huh?

Please welcome Indie Rock Sycophants to the blogroll. They’re hilarious and probably right.

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Charlie Schiz
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