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I think it’s relevant to include on this site music that I was involved in during the years before I met Joe and everything else that brought No Consensus and Ragman into being, as well as some of what happened after. Flight Attendants was my one-man “industrial” project started in early 1994. I was a student at Iowa State University, majoring (ostensibly) in Music Composition, and while I ended up finding most of my classes dull enough that I mostly stopped showing up, one really caught my interest, an intermittent offering called “Intro to Music Technology.” During that spring semester I learned to use analog synthesizers, mixing boards, and multitrack recording, and the course had individual, completely unsupervised lab sections in the school’s Electronic Music Studio, where all these things could be found, including a TEAC 80-8 8-track tape machine and a Polyfusion modular synth. I decided the situation was right to record my best music yet. I went so far as to crash at a friend’s apartment over Spring Break instead of going home (the dorms locked students out during breaks), so that I could spend the whole week in the studio with no one else around. I took some songs I’d written around lyrics Seth Thomson had written back in high school, along with a couple of my own, and borrowed a guitar fro him besides, and the result was Fallen Man. The band came to be called Flight Attendants because one of my major sources for clippings to use for cover art was a Socialist Workers Party newspaper that had lots of stories about striking flight attendants, so it was a phrase I could find lots of clippings of. I kept up the basic concept of Flight Attendants self-releasing cassette tapes for many years afterwards, though with more homestyle equipment (4-tracks and Casios instead of 8-tracks and synths).

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Charlie Schiz
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