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The first musical project of later Worstcasescenario/Turd Burglars/Radio Dramamine drummer Bret “Poopy Pants Jenkins” Philp had him doing monotone lead vocals over some very cool clattery noise-rock sounds by Joe Riehle, Steve Wilson, Jason Nelson, and later Mike Hays. Chitipakatoopet played one show that I know of – the screening of the “Cedar Falls Hallucination” rockumentary – and their only surviving recordings (another take of most of the same songs plus the lost-forever “Mean Person” existed once but has vanished) were combined into a split-CD release with the total recorded output of Joe’s “poetry band” project involving Lindsay Wood and at least one other gal (Jessica Salyer perhaps? I’m sure someone will jump in here with the lineup). I think by this time we had pretty much stopped bothering with designing and printing covers, and Joe would create paper sleeves out of crumpled written/drawn-on scraps from around his room. Here I’ve given the two parts of the album each their own folder, with the interstitial “collaboration” track “Cruel Diamonds” in the Chitipakatoopet section.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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