So, my second yet-to-be-self-released solo album, “Goodbye Centipede Farm,” is pretty well mixed down from my cassette 8-track into my computer, apart from a track or two that still needs a small amount of “mastering” work. I’d like to get some copies of this sucka whipped up and out where people can get them, but I could use a little help, so I’m calling on my more visual-arts-inclined friends.

See, I kind of suck at art. For “Title Of Photograph,” I was able to come up with a cover because the album was actually named after an old photo of me. So I did some photoshoppery on said photo and I had something, even if it was slightly lame.

I’ve a third album, “The Monster Cafe,” close to done as well. It was actually recorded mostly at the same time as “Goodbye Centipede Farm” – those of you whom I’ve burned discs labeled “The Monster Cafe” for, that disc actually contains about half the songs from each. But I did a real re-thinking of what I had, in light of additional material that I recorded more recently with Poopy Pants Jenkins, and realized there were actually two different albums here. “The Monster Cafe” is to be billed as the fruits of my attempt to get my “4-track mind” back – bring back some of the experimental, collagey approaches I used to employ as Flight Attendants, but this time with some songs to back them up. I have an old collage I made out of magazine cut-outs that I want to use as a cover for “The Monster Cafe,” so for now I’m good on that.

This leaves “Goodbye Centipede Farm,” which I’m billing as my “garage rock” or “big guitars” album, in need of art. The concept behind it is, well, that it’s very much a guitar-oriented garage rock album, probably moreso than what I’m doing next. Making “my garage rock album” was another goal I had in mind during my recording sessions this past summer and fall, and it jives with something Poopy said about one of the songs sounding to him rather like Jon Spencer.

So here’s the general parameters of what I’m looking for: First, the thing has to be black & white, because I’m not in a position to pay for color printing, and also because black & white kind of goes with an aesthetic theme I’d like to try going with for a while, which is this sort of scissors-and-photocopy look you see on old punk rock zines and flyers, 60s anarchist pamphlets, and the original Principa Discordia. The other thing I’m thinking is to have something based on/evocative of/in tribute to Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album cover. I liked that album quite a bit as a kid. It’s the album with “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting” on it, which Mr. Ockmonick was rocking out playing in his garage in an episode of Alf once, thus reconnecting to the “garage rock” concept. (“Orange? I’m burnt-sienna!”)

I’m probably not going to be able to pay anything in actual money. But something I can do for you in return, I will do to the best of my ability. Obviously I’ll send you a copy of the CD, and I’ll get you into a few of my shows for free, assuming I play some that you can make it to. But I’m sure you can think of other favors worth trading, like for instance if you’re in a band, you can stay at my place when you play in Des Moines. Maybe I can even try to help in setting such a gig up.

Comment here if you’re interested in drawing/painting/collaging something, and we’ll work it out.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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