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Having just recently posted Exit Drills in the Home and Lost in Pez-Land, it seems like a good time to have a Stacy Peck theme day. Like many, Stacy came to the Ragman scene with no musical experience and immediately ended up in one or more bands, namely Page 5 Girl and T-Bag, and through that, over time, became quite skillful. Her best-known works in Cedar Falls involved playing bass in the early lineups of Exit Drills and The Mittens. Currently she resides in the Seattle area and plays drums in a really excellent band, Telepathic Liberation Army.

Early on, however, Stacy had “guitar lessons” with Joe, whose idea of guitar lessons was to do a recording project. Joe and Stacy recorded a ton of interesting tracks as T-Bag, and out of them came this cassette album. The original was a 90-minute cassette, but unlike in the case of the first two Bludy Noz tapes, I have not trimmed it down to CD length for this posting because I figure, having not been in the band, it’s not my place to pick which songs to leave out.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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