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Page 5 Girl’s farewell performance, after a year-long hiatus, was at Steve’s wedding reception. Recorded by Tyler Crew.

Page_5_Girl-Live_in_the_McGuires’ (32.8 Mb)

While Page 5 Girl is usually thought of as the Potter/Caruso/Hoffman/Peck lineup, the band actually went through several other incarnations – after all, it started off as just Steve. For live recording of another short-lived P5G lineup, see > The Night of Psycho E. The lineup heard here was thrown together when Matt McGuire wanted Page 5 Girl to play a house show in his parents’ garage but half of the band couldn’t make it. It sounds like Peter Vanderwall is on drums (lots of triplet fills), but I’m not sure who else. It’s an extremely loose set, almost more of an impromptu jam session loosely based on Page 5 Girl’s songs.

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Charlie Schiz
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