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The first post-Sixogy Bwang! album, and possibly the only one recorded all on the same day with more or less the same lineup. A rambling and heavily atmospheric meditation on The Dead C and the Stacy Peck-composed Page 5 Girl instrumental “Pez,” by turns clattery, spacey, and doomy – and then suddenly at the end Neils Thulstrup shows up and lightens the mood up with a rollicking version of the Andy Buck theme. One of my favorites.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

Small Hours - Kate

Cinematic noise wall is a thing, right? I mean there's Burial Ground... and thenthere's, well, this: "This 'Wall' consists of 3 different...… Continue reading

Maid Marian/Tall Too

Published on March 09, 2022

/ləˈɡ(y)o͞obrēəs/ / N0123NOISE

Published on March 03, 2022