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Once Joe got a 4-track, we renamed Bloody Nose to Bludy Noz. (Properly, there is supposed to be an umlat over the u and a ‘long vowel’ line over the o.) This really gave us incentive to flesh out our ideas. There’s still a lot of off-the-cuff improv going on here, but there’s also some actual songwriting. Several early No Consensus songs were born on this album, as is the genre-parodying M.O. While it’s still also pretty heavily noise-based in places, we take the noise in some interesting directions here and I think it’s overall pretty enjoyable. The title is named after the free Bible Doctrine Cassettes that Jeremy Spaulding and I used to get in the mail that got used for recording and making punk rock mixtapes.

Classic improvised lyric line by Joe: “Do you know that you have hundreds of animal in your mouth?”

Note: the original cassette album we released was a 90 minute tape; this version has had several tracks cut out in order to fit comfortably on a CD. The outtakes can be found on Epilepathy.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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