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As Mike Hays’s impending move to California closed in on us, we decided we should make one more album with him, of the songs we’d been playing lately. Steve had picked up some pretty good recording skills over the past couple years, so we decided we didn’t need to go into a studio this time. Instead, Steve arranged for us to use the auditorium and band room of Price Lab School for a couple days during the summer. We brought our gear down, lots of long cables, headphones, and an ADAT machine and went to it, with Matt McGuire and Tom Vanderwall helping out on occasional button-pushing.

The new, radically different version of “Space Is Not Enough” that the album ends with arose from Joe wandering around the auditorium with his accordion singing it between takes. It was one of those cool, unplanned off-the-cuff creative things that’s really fun to have while recording, especially when we got the idea to throw in additional percussion from the school band room. The unlisted 9th track was an experiment in which each band member recorded something independently and then we overdub-collaged it all together. And we reused a few of the better tracks from Going to My Cousins. We were trying to make the ultimate No Consensus album. We mixed down at Bob’s Guitars after business hours, and Jon’s dad hooked us up with a sweet deal on printing the covers and help to get the design together in Photoshop.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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