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The first recording by the full band lineup that had recently become known as No Consensus, naturally shows the band in an embryonic stage. Musically we were still drawing on pretty simple song structures and chords, noisy fuzz-guitar, and goofy humor and genre-parodies, and Mike was playing the dumpster-dived half drum kit with no kick. Pretty fun listening.

Recording methods for this are of interest: we used a 6-channel PA head that had been contributed to Ruth’s house by Rob Jenson, who was playing bass in Angry Cops at that time. The main and monitor outputs were run into tracks 1 and 2 of Joe’s 4-track, and the different instruments and the drum mics (two $6 tape-recorder mics from Radio Shack) were given higher or lower levels in each to get the effect of panning. We recorded basically live to stereo in this fashion, but ended up “doubling” Joe’s vocals on several songs afterwards because we didn’t think they were loud enough in the mix. Joe was also still playing his broken harmonica on “Modem” in those days. The title came out of a speculative conversation Joe and I had about what kind of rules of etiquette might exist if people were all naturally telepathic.

I’m not sure if we ever “released” this, but I made a cover, and no doubt we made at least a few copies for certain people. This file includes bonus songs from the same recording sessions that were left off those original copies. The “hidden track” we included after a long pause on the cassette begins with one of Leah’s first recorded appearances.

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