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In the latter days of No Consensus, when people were moving away, we figured the band was breaking up, so we put together a 90-minute tape compilation to be titled “All She Wrote,” made up mostly of unreleased No Consensus stuff plus tracks from a couple other Ragman projects, and a few weird alternate versions recorded specifically for the occasion. It was given to Stacy Peck to make copies of and never heard from again. Here are some of the tracks that would have been on it. Sorry for the version of “Upward and West” (a parody/tribute of Yellow 5’s “Into the Dawn”) included here, it’s from the only copy I could find and the CD-R it was on was heavily scratched up. (61.3 Mb)

Joe supposedly has this huge music/art conceptual piece in the works regarding the Whimpering Wood War, but personally I like this version. It’s really just several tracks of off-the-cuff instrumental improv done by No Consensus, and Joe came up with the titles and story concept later; some related poems appeared in his book 39 Horses My Mom Loved. The remaining tracks are the rough in-progress demos that No Consensus was working on when we called it quits.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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