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No Consensus was going strong in 1998. Jon Grim had joined, our writing and playing was super tight, we were starting to make friends in other towns, and the band members were getting old enough that their parents would let us head out of town for gigs. It was the perfect time to do some recording in a “real” studio, and graduate from the cassette medium to CD. Or CD-R at least – CD burners were still a bit of an expensive rarity at that time.

M-C Audio, owned and operated by Micheal Cutsforth, was at that time located on West 4th Street in downtown Waterloo. I think we spent two days recording, and another day mixing while the My Waterloo Days parade was very audibly going on out front. We had him make us 50 copies on his CD burner and put stick-on labels on them. I think the whole thing cost us somewhere around six or seven hundred bucks. I’m still not even sure where we got the money, since I for one was probably as broke as ever. “Theory,” probably our most complex song of all time, took like a million takes; “Psycho E Got Married,” on the other hand, was specifically planned to only get one take – if it didn’t turn out, we were going to scrap it. The cover photo of Neils was intended to parody/reference the cover art of the What Stupid Does tape. For the back cover, we had so many photos we were thinking of using and couldn’t narrow them down, that we decided to just scatter all of them out on a table and take a picture of that. We photocopied our own CD inserts, and even got friends from the Garage to fake “autograph” them with our names. They sold pretty fast at our next few shows, leaving it out of print for a couple years until CD burners became more of a commodity.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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