Here are some live recordings of No Consensus circa 1996-7:

cover (78.4 Mb)

Whenever a new venue started having live music it was exciting to hear about. Most of us were too young to be allowed in Stebs and The Boat House was only available to rent during the warm weather months. So we had to get creative about figuring out places to play. I’d noticed on a couple flyers around the Hill that there had been a couple shows at Porky’s Red Carpet in Waterloo, which is this restaurant/golf course thing, formerly a country club and/or “supper club,” supposedly. I don’t know how we finangled it, but we got them to give us two consecutive nights and I rounded up some bands, three on each night. No Consensus, Cowlick, Angry Cops, Spork, Lost Cause, and one other band I don’t remember right now, might have been Heroic Nonsense.

I think the Porky’s management was hoping to get some patrons in the door that would buy beer, but instead what they got was mostly a bunch of underage kids who stood around out front smoking cigarettes between sets. I don’t think they were too pleased with this result. Some sort of altercation occurred between someone from the staff or management and J.D. from Cowlick at the end of the second night. Performance-wise though, I think the shows were great.

No Consensus played a really long set, probably like an hour, because we didn’t know any better. Having never played the club scene, it didn’t occur to us that bands are ordinarily given a certain amount of time, we just figured you played until you ran out of songs. Ruth videotaped us and this audio comes from the VHS tape. So it sounds pretty bad. Also, she started trying to save space part way through by stopping the camera between songs, so a lot of good stage banter was probably lost, along with the first few seconds (often more) of several songs. You’ve been warned.

cover (62.3 Mb)

Steve Potter somehow got the owners of an unused movie theater in Independence to let us have a show there. Steve and some volunteers even had to remove the first few rows of seats beforehand. Heroic Nonsense, Angry Cops, and Page 5 Girl also played at this thing. Despite the show being in Independence, the turnout was mainly the usual Cedar Falls kids. Our set was plagued by equipment problems, but I remember feeling like “Har” went exceptionally well.

cover (99.2 Mb)

Two pretty good shows in one file/album, one from the F.O.E. Hall in Waterloo (previously put out on cassette all by itself), and the other from the first of two shows that Tony Seyffer threw in a garage on his grandparents’ farm west of Hudson.

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