During the summer of 1996 as the Ragman scene was kind of taking off – in the sense that there were a lot of kids hanging around Ruth’s cooking up shenanigans and banging on instruments – I got the idea to record some of the impromptu jams that would frequently occur on a little portable cassette recorder, and incorporate them into a conceptual “band that everyone is in” called Bwang!. The band name came from an onomotopeia that my high school friend Seth Thomson used to utter to express the sound of an out-of-tune guitar chord being suddenly struck, since most of the jams occurred without tuning (sometimes oven on instruments that were hardly tunable). Bwang! continued to be the catch-all for these kinds of jam sessions for some years, but the first burst of recordings yielded hours upon hours of tape that were gradually edited down, over a period of years, to the most interesting bits, eventually yielding a 6-CD cycle I call “The Sixogy.”

Bwang-Ultrasonik.zip (99.5 Mb)

Bwang-Steve_Flips_Out.zip (103.0 Mb)

Bwang-Broken_Music_for_Deaf_People.zip (91.4 Mb)

Bwang-Harnessing_Disaster.zip (97.2 Mb)

Bwang-Mediocre_Soundcheck.zip (101.0 Mb)

Bwang-Full_Speed.zip (94.9 Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

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