I’ve been threatening promising for several years now to put up a Ragman Records archives web site, but have been going around and around how to set it up far too much over the methods I would use to build it: In just about every case, the system either did way too much, thus cluttering up my administration of the site with MOAR FEECHARS that I wouldn’t use and were more confusing than anything (Joomla! and most other CMS systems), or didn’t do enough for me, leaving me a huge amount of work just to put up what would be a simple kinda-dynamic web site(doing it as my own custom-coded system from scratch using PHP or maybe Rails), or were too much pain in the ass to install/deploy a new site given my current skills and experiences (Radiant, or Rails even).  In the end, I went with what I know: Wordpress.  I’ve been using it for my personal blog for like years now.  I’ve heard of people using it as a simple kind of CMS as opposed to “just a blog,” and a simple kind of CMS is just the kind of CMS I need for this thing, especially since I can easily drop down to PHP to add some custom features and helper functionality as needed.

Anyway, first there’s the matter of this introductory post.  If you’ve stumbled upon this site and this is all you’ve found here, it’s because more is in the works.  I’ll be writing a “What Was Ragman?” page next, followed by pages on the various artists as the inspiration strikes, which will of course have mp3 downloads by the crapload, because that’s kind of the whole point.  I’ll be customizing the look of the site, starting from the “Wordpress Classic” theme, which I like because the sidebar puts “pages” at the top, so the artist pages will show up there nice and prominently.

Welcome, and come on back sometime – I’ll be putting up a lot of stuff here.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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