Yesterday was Leah’s birthday – yep, only five days after mine – and she’s now 30.

I’m never quite sure what to get her for her birthday, but it turns out that what she really likes is to be taken out shopping for whatever she wants. This saves me a lot of trouble and guesswork trying to figure out what she would like, and the experience itself is part of the gift since she enjoys shopping, especially if she can get me to go along (which normally she can’t). And despite what you’d think, it doesn’t get extravagant. She tends to be a rather practical sort of person, and in addition, one of her favorite things about shopping is checking out sales and clearance items and finding a really good deal on something. She’s not just frugal, she finds frugality fun.

We had fun together yesterday, bookending this shopping excursion with going out for lunch and dinner and mixing in some visits with friends and family.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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