Since people are writing and no doubt wondering about how I’m doing with the floods…

A diligent sandbagging operation minimized damage to downtown Cedar Falls, while Waterlooians, who would rather gawk at the water than pitch in (myself included, I must confess, lazy jerk that I am), got our downtown hit pretty hard in places, particularly around Jefferson Street. Lots of roads and bridges were flooded enough to be closed, and it was nearly impossible to get from one part of town to another for a couple days.

Radio Dramamine drummer Bret “Poopy Pants” Philp got evacuated from his place, got a lot of stuff ruined, and his family is staying with his wife’s cousin while the cleanup progresses. My older-of-two-youngers sister fared worse still – she had just got her stuff moved to a trailer in North Cedar, hadn’t even spent a night there yet, and the place flooded up to the ceiling; she lost everything but herself, what she was wearing, and a few items she was storing in my garage.

But, despite proximity to the river, my neighborhood got lucky and the Centipede Farm took on no more water than a towel could handle.

My heart goes out to Cedar Rapids… it looks from news reports like they got it worst of all. Sounds like Iowa City and Des Moines got their share today.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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