First tornadoes decimate a couple nearby towns, now floods are shutting down pretty much everything. You can’t hardly drive across town for as many roads as are flooded already, and you can’t get from here to Cedar Falls by the main highway anymore.

Haven’t had any water in my place yet, but Bret has already had his basement flood earlier this year and is now being evacuated from his place today – has to lug everything up from his basement to the main level (including the washer and dryer that were donated to them after the previous incident, which I helped them pick up in Des Moines and move down there just a few short weeks ago.)

That National Weather Service graph shows the river cresting at 103 feet early tomorrow morning, but around here they say at the rate it’s rising, they expect 105+. The levee in Cedar Falls can only handle 102 and that’s expected to be topped this afternoon; the bike shop up there called up my dad and told him to come pick up his bike – they’re getting everything out of there because they may have to evacuate downtown.

My neighborhood stays dry, for now. The only water in my basement, a.k.a. The Centipede Farm a.k.a. my office a.k.a. my studio a.k.a where the laundry room is, is the drips that follow the electrical service wiring in. Hope Martin Park is just a couple blocks away though, and the Fletcher Ave. floodgates are closed. I was just over there to see how high the water is and it looks like that levee will just manage to hold, the water is about 8 feet from the top of the wall.

Otherwise, the weather is beautiful today. Local TV news suggests possible thunderstorms the whole rest of the week.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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