Pretty good time at the Reverb last night. Played my set reasonably well, and the turnout wasn’t too bad for a mid-week in early May in a college town. Several people seemed appreciative and/or intrigued, and this got me some interesting conversation, though nobody bought any CDs.

Audio Spaghetti sounded pretty much like what you’d expect a band with a name like Audio Spaghetti to sound like, especially if you pictured them as a bunch of twentysomethings based out of a smallish college town. You know, the usual high-polish mish-mash of alt-rock and white-kid funk with dashes of jazz and reggae and pseudo-intellectual lyrics about opening your mind and all that shit, all played at pretty much one same tempo. Conspicuous lack of splash cymbal, though, so that was odd. I imagine they draw respectably around their hometown (some place in Kansas), which makes me wonder why they’d want to bother losing money by going on tour and playing places like Cedar Falls where no one knows who they are or is likely to give much of a shit. Seemed like nice guys though, and it’s hard to say they played badly, because of course they didn’t.

Mehfunk was, of course, funky. I forgot to introduce them after my set with the line “be sure and stick around to get funked up; the great thing about playing in a funk band is you can always use that pun.” A bit excessive on the jammy angle, but tight and appealingly gritty, and they definitely know what they’re doing. They insisted on setting up the drum kit ahead of time while I was setting up my shit, claiming that Cody had told them they’d be going on at 11:30 at the latest, when it was already about 11:10 when I was setting up… so they wanted to save as much time as possible… which ended up seeming rather at odds with the fact that their set ran somewhere between an hour and a half and like three days, during which somewhere between three and fourteen different vocalists got up and sang with them on different numbers. So anyway I had to put up with two of them wandering around the stage and just generally being irritating, moving my amp around and even going so far as to ask if I “need any help setting up.” Are you fucking kidding me? I’m one guy with a guitar and some pedals. I think I got it covered, thanks. Their set did rock though. I recommend checking them out if you’re in a party mood and they happen to be playing.

Erik H. showed up and chatted me up at length. I was worried he’d disappeared from Cedar Falls, but turns out he plays in Project Sock Monkey now. Also, his website is back up, I guess he missed a couple hosting bills a while back, so I’ll be putting the link to his site back in the sidebar just as soon as I’m done typing this. I noticed that there’s a link there to a newer blog he’s been doing, maybe I should link to that too, or perhaps instead…

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