• New Music Strategies: Should I Be Worried About Piracy? If you're a musician in 2008, you absolutely must set aside all the squawking about "piracy" you're hearing from the music industry and read this article. Choice tidbits:

    Unauthorised duplication goes on, but not piracy. The idea that these two things are the same is one that major record labels tend to be quite fond of, but it bears no resemblance to either external reality, or what words actually mean.

    The fluidity with which your music can pass from hand to hand is not an impediment to your success, but a technological advantage that you can leverage to your own ends. The overwhelming cry from the independent musician twenty years ago was "How can I just get my music out there?" Problem solved. Now what are you going to do?</p>
    Hell, read the whole site.
  • Hivelogic: Offices and the Creativity Zone. Here's a topic that seems to get a lot of attention in the software development blogosphere, but can't find its way up to management where it counts soon enough.
  • The Illustrated Road to Serfdom. An old classic.

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Charlie Schiz
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