The Ragman Records Archives continue to churn along in their haphazard way… I just added nearly the entire Bwang! discography, and also the double-CD Flight Attendants best-of “Fictionalized For Your Protection.” These are big .zip files containing the songs in 192Kbps mp3 format and .tif files of CD-sized cover art, so you can download and make-your-own-CD.

I’m proceeding more-or-less alphabetically through the stuff that I have cover art for – where possible, the CD art is actually based on the original cassette insert art. Some things have never had cover art due to their being “unreleased” – these I could use volunteers to come up with art for, and I’ll hopefully compile a list soon. So far Steve Potter and Josh Schneiderman are on board and hopefully I can get James “Rock’s Chosen Warrior” Mackey in on it too. Others I basically have the art for on paper but haven’t had a scanner set up to capture in digital format – I have a scanner sitting around that one of my sisters sort of donated me, but I haven’t yet set it up so I don’t know for sure if it even works.

Find the link over in the sidebar.

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Charlie Schiz
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