Don’t waste my time with silly little problems that you are supposed to be able to figure out on your own. If you can’t be arsed to learn to use crucial development tools like version control properly, don’t come to me when you get out of sync with the project because you decided you could do things your own workaround way instead of the right way and then ended up falling out of step because you didn’t update for weeks because you insist on using your little crutch that lets you code directly on the test server. Learn how to work in the team or get the fuck out of my way. Either learn to do things properly or quit trying to do them, or at least making me have to fix everything that gets broken because you don’t know what you’re doing.

Figure it out. Learn it. Quit being lazy. Nobody is going to hand you all the answers all neatly prepackaged. You are a programmer, not a factory line worker. For that matter, at a company like this one, you’re not just a code-monkey programmer, you’re an also an analyst and an architect and a documentation writer. For the kind of money we make, no one should expect to be able to get away with not having to ever use their brain. If you can’t handle that, go work at Rockwell where you have to go through two months of paperwork just to be allowed to fix a bug.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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