I’ve been remiss in blogging about this upcoming event, even as I’ve been sort-of involved in the preparations for it (mainly by contributing materials from my pack-rat basement, er, I mean, archives).

Secret History Flyer

THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CEDAR VALLEY is an exhibit of art, design, photography, video, original music, ephemera, and other cultural artifacts to celebrate the prolific creative output and rich cultural impact of the underground music scene in the Cedar Valley over the past 30 years. The gallery will showcase many examples of DIY design, including posters, flyers, zines, promotional materials, and cover art for albums, cassettes, and CDs. Interactive listening stations will allow gallery visitors to hear archival recordings of local music. An interactive collaborative history website will provide a wealth of visual, historical and anecdotal information about the bands, labels, and music venues involved in the scene. The exhibit will open to the public on Saturday, March 17th at the Waldemar A. Schmidt Gallery at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. The show will run through April 14, 2007.

Click the flyer image for more info. I plan to be there.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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