I’m not in advertising, but every once in a while an ad campaign idea hits me that I can’t imagine why it hasn’t been done. Or maybe it’s been tried, but didn’t work out, and I just don’t know about it. At any rate, I’m on a creative streak these days (hopefully it’s permanent) and I’ve more ideas than I can pull off on my own.

I thought maybe I’d share these ideas when they pop up, in hopes that someone in the ad industry picks up on them. They’re just ideas, so I’m not looking to profit from them personally beyond the pleasure of seeing them pulled off – those who put the effort into bringing them to life deserve the real credit.

Here’s one I thought of a couple weeks ago: The restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse should get Patrick Swayze as a spokesperson.

Advertising these days, particularly of the television variety, seems to be heavily focused on really clever and memorable ads. The problem I experience as a viewer is that too often I remember the clever/funny ad, but not the brand/company that the ad was supposed to be for.

The association with the cult classic film Roadhouse would give the viewer an immediate recall of the restaurant’s name, even without the ads ever having to once actually mention or even evoke the movie. In fact it would be even more clever if they didn’t – let the viewer do the free-associating themselves: Swayze -> Roadhouse -> Texas Roadhouse. Just have Swayze standing there in one of their restaurants, talking to the viewer about the food, atmosphere, specials they’re running – whatever aspect of their dining experience Texas Roadhouse wants to promote themselves based on.

Another idea I’ve had is, why hasn’t anyone made use of the legend of Leeroy Jenkins yet? Picture an office conference room, a group of office guys in ties and white shirts discussing a plan for some business type thing they’re about to embark on – a new sales campaign, or some software they’re going to be developing, or just about anything. As the workers being to wrap up, to agree and buy-in to the proposed plan, one of them stands up and declares, “all right let’s do this,” and suddenly runs out of the conference room yelling “LEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEENKIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!” What the ad would be for, I’m not sure. Maybe the video game company that makes World of Warcraft, or some viral-video-phenomenon site, or a broadband internet provider.

Anyway, there are a couple of my silly ideas, do what thou wilt with them.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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