Friday before the Friday before last, we (myself, Jim, Chris, Jay, Everetts, etc) gave Blake a send-off. He met some girl at a wedding reception who actually knew what chakras are, and from what I’ve seen is pretty nice looking, and moved off to Utah or Denver or nobody can really keep straight where it is, to live with her. Sounds like a really ill-advised move I know, but it’s par for the course Blake, and who knows. He reports he’s already found work out there and is thinking about going into the nursing profession. And his MySpace page has been getting more updates than usual since the move.

I promised some of the guys at Blake’s going-away party that I’d write about music and other stuff normal people can get into more often. Turns out they actually read this thing. I’ve always said I didn’t want this blog to end up being of any one genre, including a software development blog. The obvious answer is just to write shorter bits more often about whatever I’m up to.

I got a Samsung YP-U2J portable MP3 player. I’ve been eying the K5 since I saw it in Wired, but Target had these babies on sale for about $70 so I decided to finally go for it. I’ve kinda wanted to get an MP3 player for a while, as I haven’t had one since I gave up on my 32Mb Rio years ago. But I felt like anything less than several gigabytes of storage wouldn’t be enough, given my past experience with being able to put a whole 6 songs or so on the aforementioned Rio. I guess I decided that 1Gb is probably enough, since I realized that I don’t generally have call to listen to the thing for hours at a time, and much of my typical day is spent at my computer at work where I have plenty of music ripped to the hard drive anyway. So 200-ish songs is probably enough.

Anyway this thing is pretty kickass. It seems like they have some agreement with Microsoft to cripple some of what you can do with files on it if you open it up directly in Windows Explorer, to try to get you to to only work with it through Windows Media Player 10. But on my Linux box it just comes up as a USB storage device, so as long as I don’t mangle up any of the system files on it I can put just about anything on it. It sounds really good, has a cool blue glowy light on it, and runs on a rechargeable battery that charges whenever you have it plugged in to your computer’s USB port.

Weird thing happened yesterday however, when I was working out. Yeah, I’ve started working out too, I joined Anytime Fitness, decided that at my age, if I wanted to stay in shape, it wasn’t going to just happen on its own and I should put some effort into it. It’s going pretty well so far, it’s really pretty fun. Anyway, I set this Samsung thinger to play from the Rites Of Spring folder, and it said it had 32 songs in it, when it actually has 16. Each song was listed twice. And in normal play mode it would only play the songs in alphabetical order by title (each twice in a row!), instead of their album order, despite the fact that the filenames are prefixed with track number (I’m guessing it looks for track numbers in the ID3 tags and maybe these files didn’t have them there).

Anyway, as for the songs showing up twice, I ended up finding the duplicate copies in a “trash” folder (called “Trash-chuck” of all things), like the one my USB drive makes when I delete, er, “move to the recycle bin” stuff. Apparently when scanning its storage for songs it ran across those and indexed them too.

Anyway, to keep the geek factor rolling, um… it works in Linux!

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Charlie Schiz
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