The dude behind Dispatches From TJICstan also runs a nifty company that rents instructional videos. Recently they’ve had a name change and a new logo. I’d considered checking out their catalog before, but I gotta admit, the new branding is really working on me. It’s making me really want to check them out now. I’ve had it on my to-do to learn about small engines, such as on lawnmowers, or my Vino, so I could do my own repairs on them should it be needed; plus it seems like fun. I bet Smartflix has some pretty good videos about that kind of thing, and probably anything else you might want to learn about. I know for a fact some of my homies are into home brewing, and browsing their site I see they have some stuff on that. Anyways, point being, check out Smartflix, if you don’t mind. They’re cool peoples running a cool company with a cool idea. SmartFlix

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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Small Hours - Kate

Cinematic noise wall is a thing, right? I mean there's Burial Ground... and thenthere's, well, this: "This 'Wall' consists of 3 different...… Continue reading

Maid Marian/Tall Too

Published on March 09, 2022

/ləˈɡ(y)o͞obrēəs/ / N0123NOISE

Published on March 03, 2022