Sorry, I’m going to have to skip a week or two on the Electric Love Adventure album because of my wrecked computer. Hopefully I can get my Windows-install hard-drive restored with my next paycheck. I’ll still be working on the songs, but unable to mix them, and hence unable to post them. Maybe I’ll get around to putting up some old Ragman Records music and writing some pages on the wiki about it instead. That would be pretty cool.

In other music news, had the first Fools rehearsal with Ross last weekend, went pretty smoothly and sounded pretty good. And Tom is in town for a couple months – bumped into him last night – and tells me he has booked a gig for Passage of Deformed Man Supermarket and is planning another “Stations” show, wherein he invited me to do something. I’ve no idea what.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. I've been weird all my life. It's my time to shine.

Small Hours - Kate

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Maid Marian/Tall Too

Published on March 09, 2022

/ləˈɡ(y)o͞obrēəs/ / N0123NOISE

Published on March 03, 2022