Looking for some help from folks who stop by here… See, I have a pile of RSS feeds in my Lylina aggregator. There’s stuff in there about the news, politics, economics, mathematics, computer science, software and website development… but I notice that one of my interests is conspicuously under-represented – namely, indie/underground music, especially in and around Iowa.

I think the problem may be one of tech-savviness lacking among musicrelated writers. I think it’s worth pointing out that, out of Pitchfork, In Music We Trust, Crock, and a couple other sites I remember visiting but can’t recall at the moment, not one of them has an RSS feed. Crock, despite being ostensibly in a blog format, doesn’t even use an actual blog engine – I think the guy just updates the html by hand.

Anyway, I’m fishing for recommendations of any cool music blogs or RSS feeds I could add to my daily browsing. Post your recommendations in the comments on this post.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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