I was hoping to finish up a brand new song this week but the one implement I required to finish “Busted Old Walkman” (featuring Tyler Vincent on bass) – a pair of yarn-ball mallets – was out of stock at Bob’s. So I suppose that tune will wait until next week.

Thus, this week’s Electric Love Adventure song download o’the’week is yet another oldie I recorded a couple years ago at the trailer – and also another solo remake of an Exit Drills tune. The bass part is heavily influenced by Peter Vanderwall’s original.

Also, I moved the previous weeks’ songs into their own folder on their site, so the links on the old posts will no longer work – and I’m not going to go back to edit them right now, so I’ll add here new links to their new location.

Cartesian Laundri.mp3 (4.2Mb)

previous two weeks’ songs: Twisted Pair.mp3 (5.3Mb) Your Next American Idol.mp3 (4.2Mb)

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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