So yeah, the blogging here has been lighter than I’d like lately. As I’ve said before, it’s funny how the more you have to blog about, the less time you have to do said blogging. I just sort of fall out of the habit I guess, but my enthusiasm was renewed when I found in my comments a trackback from one of my very favorite bloggers who stopped by and took the nerd test I linked to a while back. Seriously, it’s really cool knowing that TJIC stopped by here. I feel rather honored, and It reminds me that I’m not just posting this stuff out in space with no one paying attention, so maybe it’s worth doing.

One of the things keeping me from writing more on my site here, ironically enough, has been that I’ve been working on the site itself. I ditched the wiki I had and switched wiki engines to WackoWiki after much searching… The markup seems easier to learn, which a wiki should be. I’ve started a couple preliminary Ragman Records pages up there, and I uploaded a pile of songs to the site that I intend to link to from there in the near future so that I might share No Consensus et al with the world. I intend to hack up the WackoWiki theme stylesheets to match this page more closely.

I also installed a Lylina RSS aggregator – see the “My feed aggregator” link in the sidebar – and added a whole pile of feeds to it. I originally intended it mostly for my own reading pleasure, but if I’m not posting enough for you, feel free to have a look at it. There’s quite a volume of stuff coming through there, so be patient for the page to load up. Lylina also supports multiple users, so if you’d like an account on it, let me know – then you can set up your account to show only the feeds you want to read instead of wading through the big pile.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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