Why two and a half weeks between my previous two posts?

Well, the past few weeks have been dominated by the likes of mortgage precedings and moving. Leah and I are now the proud owners of an aluminum-sided bungalow with pleasingly worn-looking old hardwood floors. Well okay, we’re the proud occupants, GMAC Mortgage is the owner ;)

It’s awesome.

Well, there have been troubles. The drain lines under the kitchen sink turned out to be all screwed up, resulting in our garbage disposal getting clogged and our dishwasher overflowing into the basement, prompting urgent repairs to be done. On the upside, we have a garbage disposal and a dishwasher!

Went to fire up my old Duron machine last weekend for the first time in the new house – after waiting for cable Internet service to be hooked up and ground wires to be installed on a couple of outlets – and got not so much as a reassuring system beep. All it could do was just sit there vacuously with its fans whirring and its power mysteriously, rhythmically blinking out. Not cool.

Leah suggested it was probably time for me to get a new computer anyway, so I ordered one on our Dell account and yanked the hard drives out of the case. With any luck, they didn’t get fried. If the Deathstar got wiped, it would be a pretty serious setback to the Ragman Archives. As for the network research project, Wallingford probably still has the most recent code I emailed him. The new machine will arrive around middle of this week, likely tomorrow. Meanwhile, I get my web surfing done on Leah’s computer, or during breaks at work.

Eventually I might just try replacing the power supply on the Duron. If that works I’ll keep it as a spare something-or-other. Maybe a file server or something. If anyone has a 300 Watt power supply they’re probably going to throw out anyway, give me a holler.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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