I meant to write a little something about it when it happened a couple weeks ago, but it sort of got lost.  Anyway, Cedar Falls-based band The Beat Strings got a mention in Entertainment Weekly’s “download this” sidebar, where readers were invited to download one of their songs from EW’s web site.  I don’t know who XOXO Records has doing promotion, but they probably deserve a raise.

The Beat Strings are really a pretty darn good band.  I’ve seen them a couple times and recall really enjoying them.  Among its members are a couple of good acquaintances/friends of mine: Cody Brown, and Steve Wilson, who I played in No Consensus with some years back, who in more recent years has been playing in another fine outfit A Is Jump, and who I believe to be a really talented cat who deserves much success.

Best wishes to The Beat Strings in their continued journeys through the music business.  The rest of y’all, check them out.

Charlie Schiz

Charlie Schiz
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