The other day I caught myself wondering what ever became of Resistant Militia? I’d never heard them, I just remembered their ads for their cassette EP that used to run in Rip magazine in the late ’80s. Encyclopedia Metallum to the rescue.

I started Distant Trains back in February as a kind of reboot of my solo stuff that I’d been doing under the name Chuck Hoffman, ostensibly to participate in the RPM Challenge. I decided there was going to be some changes in style and approach, and that a “band” name would hopefully be interpreted by my musically active friends as an invitation to collaborate. I failed at producing enough material within the boundaries of the month of February to submit for RPM, but caught some interest in what I was doing nonetheless, most notably from Austin of Sleep On The Floor who wants to put out the results in some manner, probably this July.

Here’s a little ditty I recorded on the 4-track a few nights ago because I’m thinking of using this song in Distant Trains live shows, which right now will just have myself on bass, vocals, loops, and drum machine, unless someone else expresses interest in lending a hand.

Caution: sloppiness, sludge, and distortion ahead.

Update: I decided if I was going to be sharing this with folks, it deserved a better vocal take. I’d had a couple beers when I originally recorded it and was just being slop about it. I also ditched the distorted broken melodica in favor of a few tasteful trumpet blasts.

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I decided to keep the silly default title WordPress gives you for the “first post.”

My name is Chuck and this is my music blog. I decided music is worth blogging about. Being a musician myself, I wasn’t sure whether what I wanted was a website/blog for my own music projects, or a blog on which to write about other people’s music, since I come across so many great bands and things in the course of my normal activities. I decided to just try doing both and see how that goes.

It’s kind of an indie label too. I started using the name “The Centipede Farm” on my self-released projects a while ago, which has something to do with why I registered the domain name, then let it sit around for so long. I think the whole idea of a record label, at least on the small indie level, is in a state of transition, if not disappearance altogether. It seems like the thing for an indie music brand to represent these days should just be some kind of community of artists.

I’ll be posting music here, and likely to also be inviting some more people to write or post music as well.