Centipede Farm catalog & distro

All items are cassette tapes and $5 each unless otherwise indicated. Add to this US shipping of $2 the first item, 50 cents each additional. Paypal it to centipedefarmer at gmail. If you’re outside the US, hit me up at same email address and we’ll work something out, preferably for several items at once, especially if you’re looking to work out some bit of distro.

Hawt new stuff

  • Power Wall compilation (C-32) Given the concept of powerviolence meets harsh noise wall, 17 artists in 14 minutes work up a mix of short walls, cutup, and blown-out primitive noisecore.
  • Third I “Nice Collection” (pro C72) Collection of unreleased and rare Third I tracks including compilation appearances, remixes and covers from 2008 to 2016, released made to mark 10 years of Third I existence. [review]
  • BICIKL “Chertamy i Ryazamy” (pro C47) “The concept is to create music the way our pagan ancestors did - immediately and free of any rules or genres. Inevitably BICIKL often sounds like traditional music, but it is not directly related to any specific region or tradition.” [review]
  • Nundata “Coprofacial” (C-60)
  • Leaaves “Suite For Jaguar, Memory Man, and empty Jujyfruits box” (C-20)
  • Blue Movies “Muffy” (C-50)
  • Moulttrigger “Minimally Conscious State” (C-60)
  • We Also Let Blood “Similar Thoughts” (C-45)
  • Electricity​/​Ryan David Stevens​/​Deer Surround Our Home​/​null​.​sys (C-50)
  • PKWST/Cancer Lake (C-45)
  • The Big Drum In The Sky Religion “Will Rearrange Your Faith” (CD-R)
  • Musician “More Sound Less Effort” (C-90)

Somewhat older stuff we still got

  • AMK “Decelerate”
  • Agathocles/Raven split
  • Sleep Chrysalis s/t
  • The Big Drum In The Sky Religion “Songs The Ineffible Taught Us” CD-R
  • Perfect Villain “now we darkly glow”
  • Bhagavad Dita s/t
  • Used Alien Mind “Pack Your Bags, Space Is Safe”
  • mhzesent/oqsk “The Split EP!”
  • Krueleco “Regnum”
  • Erases Eraser “Toy and A Half”

Almost out of these!

  • Nundata/Social Drift “Spiritus Venenatus” split
  • Roadside Picnic “Magpies & Lies”
  • Raven vs. Antropik collab
  • Sistem Busuk Dari Dalam “Bunga Astral”
  • Third I “Glitch Pieces”
  • PSSing Match “Evidently Not Seinfeld Music”