About the Centipede Farm

Welcome to the Centipede Farm, a magical wonderland of musical madness.

I started putting the name “Centipede Farm” as a label name on homemade self-releases of my own various 4-track drippings some time in 2007. In those days it was just sort of a pretend vanity label derived from a nickname I had for the basement of the house I lived in at the time. Later, I bought the domain name and started up a music blog, covering various indie and underground stuff, especially anything involving my musician friends or going on in Iowa.

In 2012 an acquaintance decided to sell his cassette duplicator and I saw my chance to get back into the tape-label game at a time when the cassette format was beginning an underground resurgence. I never really gave up on tapes after having been involved in a couple home-taper enterprises in the 1990s, but back then I would have killed for a real duplicator. So this is how the Centipede Farm cassette label was born and what the name Centipede Farm soon came to be known for, along with a few digital-only releases mixed in on the then-nascent Bandcamp platform, which I still use as my primary online store and streaming solution.

As of 2017, the Centipede Farm is a sort of umbrella name for several music-related activities I get up to. The label is only active insofar as I still have inventory to sell, and there’s some pretty good stuff there so check the bandcamp site. I’d prefer to work on my own music projects these days rather than spending all my time on other people’s. I’ve got other bands and projects and even another label I’m involved in. The Centipede Farm has a particular focus on unusual music, noise, experimental, and so on, a realm of particular interest to me personally. I share cool music and art and stuff I come across online on tumblr. If you send me physical media I might write something about it here but don’t hold your breath.

So come on in and have a look around. Don’t be too scared by all the weirdness and nihilism and such. Centipedes may look creepy but they’re fun once you get to know them.

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