Finland Subterraund/Wrong split tape cover

C-90 split tape of two free-improvisation outfits, released on Minneapolis-based E.F. Tapes in 1995. Wrong were a guitar-based free-noise-rock outfit, sometimes a duo, usually a trio (when they had a drummer) from Minneapolis, which included E.F. tapes co-proprietor Emil Hagstrom otherwise known for Cock ESP. I was really into these cats at the time. Dragged my girlfriend at the time up to Minneapolis once to see them play at The Red Sea once with The Amputease and some other EF acts. She didn’t get it at all. Jeph Jerman played drums on one of their tracks here via mail collaboration; the first 6 tracks are a live recording with Chad Popple on drums (see also this). Finland Subterraund were from Italy and this tape is pretty much all I know about them but I think currently I actually like their side better. Jacopo, the leader of this group, plays a lot of wild saxophone and a little bit of atonal guitar. They cover Archie Shepp and Sonic Youth on here and dedicate a track to Cock ESP.



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Gestörte_Nachbarn/Pile Of Eggs split tape

Published on December 04, 2017