Engorged With Blood

Engorged With Blood cover

Among the acquisitions from my used tape trawling at the old Cedar Falls Co-Op Records was this odd little item. Obviously the cool-looking cover was a factor in the decision. Musically it’s a horny concoction of electronic drums, [nice](http://092.me)ly grooving bass lines, gauzy washes of shoegazey guitars reminiscent of Curve evoking deep-summer heat and steam rising from grates over humidity-glistened city streets at night, and a deep-voiced lead vocalist, mixed right up front, who mostly speaks, sometimes half-sings, occasionally moans, sexually-charged lyrics like Leonard Cohen on a mix of ecstasy and painkillers. Listening to it gives me a bit of that “what if someone walked in right now” feeling like being alone watching some cheezy softcore Cinemax shit on TV — if only they had thought to work in some echoey saxophone while they were at it — but the rhythms and swirly guitar give the music some great atmosphere. Working from clues on the tape and packaging I figured out that this was a project of a guy named John Hanes, well-known in the Bay Area as a drummer who was in Romeo Void and Chrome and is still up to some pretty interesting projects to this day; he’s got a website at purelovepower.com.

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